The Process to Obtain Your License

Step 1: Read through the BRN website and follow the step-by-step instructions listed in their "Application for Licensure by Examination Packet".

Step 2: Examination Application Requirements Checklist
Applicants must provide the following (see the BRN website):

  1. Submit the appropriate non-refundable TOTAL FEE (see Application Fee Schedule).
  2. Completed Application for Licensure by Examination.
  3. Completed fingerprints using either the Live Scan Process or the Applicant Fingerprint Card (Hard Card) processing method as directed in the INSTRUCTIONS FOR SUBMITTING A FINGERPRINT CARD.
  4. One recent 2" x 2" passport-type photograph.
  5. Completed Request for Accommodation of Disabilities form(s), if applicable.
  6. Transcripts sent directly from your school of nursing (see step 3 below).
  7. If applicable, documents and/or letters explaining prior convictions or disciplinary action and attesting to your rehabilitation as directed in Section II of the General Information and Instructions.  

Step 3: Complete and submit the "Request for Transcript" form (located in the "Application for Licensure by Examination Packet") to the Nursing Program office (Manzanita Hall 1201). Forms may be found on the BRN website

Step 4: The nursing program in partnership with the university's Records office will use the "Request for Transcripts" form as permission to upload your transcripts to the BRN website in one batch upload once all degrees are conferred.
*It generally takes up to a month after graduation for all degrees to post, so please be patient. Please expect this to be completed by the end of June.
**Do not apply for jobs or programs which may require you to have your license prior to August. 
***There are no transcript fees for this step in the process.

Step 5: The BRN will reach out to you to provide an Authorization to Test (ATT) number.

Step 6: Register with Pearson Vue and pay their fee for testing. Visit Pearson Vue's website and use Program Code US04504300 Camarillo CSU
Channel Islands.

Step 7: Contact a designated location to schedule your testing day.

Step 8: Take the NCLEX. Good luck!

Step 9: To obtain your PHN Certificate, please read through the BRN document "General instructions and application requirements for Public Health Nurse (PHN) Certificate"
Documentation submitted to the Board of Registered Nursing:

  1. Completed Public Health Nurse (PHN) Certification and applicable fee.
  2. Request for Transcript form completed by the baccalaureate, entry-level master’s or master’s academic program (Page 8).
    *Complete and submit the "Request for Transcript Public Health Nurse Certification" form to the Records office (Sage Hall). 
  3. Official transcripts for the completed baccalaureate program, entry-level master’s program or master’s program submitted by the academic program.
    *Once you have received your license and submitted your "Request for Transcript Public Health Nurse Certification" form to Records you may then request your Official transcript to be sent to the BRN using the following university website Request Transcripts and be sure to pay the appropriate fees. 
    **Please remember that when requesting your official transcripts that you choose the BRN as the location for the transcripts to be sent to. Do NOT request these transcripts be sent to you.
  4. Verification of training in the detection, prevention, reporting requirements and treatment of child neglect and abuse which shall be at least 7 hours in length and shall include but not limited to prevention techniques, early detection techniques, California reporting requirements and intervention techniques completed in a baccalaureate or specialized program in nursing or a course approved for continuing education (CE) by the Board of Registered Nursing. The course must include coverage of the California Reporting Law requirements per Section 11166.5 of the California Penal Code.
    *This training was completed in your Community Health course (NRS 453) for which you completed 144 hours of clinical training.

*You may also refer to Dr. Landry's PDF guide for additional details. (PDF, 282 KB)

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