An applicant who is licensed in California as a Vocational Nurse is eligible to apply for licensure as a registered nurse if such applicant successfully completes the prescribed courses and meets all other requirements. The LVN 30 unit option does not lead to a degree in nursing and students are not required to complete the lower division general education pattern, pre-requisites, nursing core courses or the additional preparatory courses to the major. Admission to this track is on space availability. At the completion of this program of study, students will be eligible to take the NCLEX examination for registered nursing courses.

Required Courses

The required courses in the 30 unit option for the LVN student are beyond the traditional first year courses. LVN students in the 30 unit option will be exempt from the prerequisites for these nursing courses:

Nursing Courses
CourseUnitsRequired Content

NRS 240/241
Psychiatric and Mental Health
Nursing & Laboratory


Psychiatric nursing ; Client abuse;

Cultural diversity; Supportive interventions

NRS 420/421
Nursing Care of the Complex
Client Across the Continuum


Advanced medical/surgical nursing; Case management

Geriatrics; Cultural diversity; Rehabilitation

NRS 460/461
Nursing Leadership and Professional
Practice Issues and Lab


Professional Nursing Roles

Cultural diversity

NRS 391
Transition to Professional
Practice Lab


Demonstrating professional behaviors, time
management, and organizational skills

Science Courses
CourseUnitsRequired Content

BIOL 210
Introduction to Anatomy
and Physiology I


Anatomy and Physiology I

BIOL 217
Medical Microbiology


Medical Microbiology

Total Units: 25.5

*A 30 unit LVN option is available on a space available basis. Students must contact the School of Nursing prior to admission and registration for advising about course placement, the challenge exam process, and space availability. Upon completion of the program, the LVN will not receive a degree, but will be eligible to take the NCLEX-RN.

**In accordance to BRN regulations this option must contain specific course work, but may not exceed 30 units. At CSUCI our required course work is complete at 25.5 units.

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