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CSU Channel Islands Nursing

CI Nursing students applying theory, Working together, using simulations, developing skills, and learning.

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CSU Channel Islands' Simulation Lab, a True Learning Center

The Simulation Lab at California State University Channel Islands (CI) opened in Fall of 2008 after a renovation of 3,150 gross square feet of space in Manzanita Hall. The Simulation Lab serves as a skills lab and simulation center for all students enrolled in CI Nursing Programs.

CI’s generic Nursing Program uniquely integrates skills development and simulation into its curriculum. Fundamentals, Medical-Surgical, Obstetrics and Pediatric clinical courses have an assigned lab as does the Pharmacology course. The ADN/RN - BSN programs utilize the lab during the Advanced Clinical Assessment Course. The simulation lab courses allow students to learn skills relevant to their level of preparation, and develop decision-making and critical-thinking skills through simulation.

There is a wide variety of educational materials, such as videos, books and equipment, available to the nursing students.

  • Medium and high-fidelity manikins which are Laerdal and Gaumard products, including Sim Man, Sim Baby, Newborn Sim Baby, Noelle, Baby Hal/Hallie, PALS equipped Mike, Vital Sim adults and kids.
  • MedDispense: an automated, computerized medication dispensing system using bar coding.
  • SimXpress audiovisual recording
  • Online electronic medical record, Nurse Squared, to assist in the mastery of computerized medical records and practice documentation.
  • Stand alone simulators: IV arms and chests, injection trainers, birthing, pelvic examination and ostomy.
  • Web based audio visual simulation management equipment: SimXpress

The Simulation Lab environment is aesthetic and inviting for student learning. The lab has an adjoining classroom equipped with media capability and laptop computers. In addition to scheduled labs, there are open hours available to all students in the program to practice skills, and they may use the classroom to study.

Simulation Lab Camarillo Hours SPRING 2021 (PDF, 138 KB)

Simulation Lab Goleta Hours SPRING 2021 (PDF, 106 KB)

Simulation Lab need to know (PDF, 133 KB)

Simulation Lab Check-In

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